30 Nov 2018 | 親子天然蠟筆工作坊(初班)

親子天然蠟筆工作坊 @ DIP 辦公室
Parent-Child Natural Crayon Workshop @ DIP Office

同場還有Big Big Channel及Think Big團隊為我們拍攝,
Big Big Channel的直播片段可於以下網址收看:

Video shooting team of Big Big Channel and Think Big were doing recording at the workshop.
Live Stream of the Big Big Channel are available now at the link below:

Part 1: https://www.bigbigchannel.com.hk/…/DIY%E8%A0%9F%E7%AD%86%E5…
Part 2: https://www.bigbigchannel.com.hk/…/DIY%E8%A0%9F%E7%AD%86%E5…

Carol Chan