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芝獅研究所™是一間以香港為基地的設計工作室,提供一站式服務:由設計點子、開發以至小批量及大量量產服務以配合不同客戶需求。另外,品牌創作出自家親子教育品牌- Little Dino Valley™小恐龍山谷™帶給孩子及家長寓教於玩的親子體驗。品牌以不同的創作點子造出可以感染孩子和家長的設計和產品,務求令產品能保持最高的美學水準。

關於「小恐龍山谷-Learn and Play™」玩、學產品系列

 品牌的專業的開發團隊,憑藉經驗豐富的產品設計師和專業教育顧問的努力,設計出不但好玩、有趣而且富啓發性和教育意義的「小恐龍山谷-Learn and Play™」玩、學產品系列,讓小朋友透過與家長和朋輩的玩樂的過程當中,不但可以學習到新知識,更可共享受親子和朋輩溝通的寶貴的經驗和時間。

Cheeselion Laboratory Limited™ is a design studio based in Hong Kong that provides one-stop, bespoke design and consultancy service to clients from idea to production. The company has also created its own branded series of educational toys called Little Dino Valley™.

Cheeselion develops new designs and products that are influential and useful to its customers. The brand prides itself in its ability to maintain exceptional aesthetics in all of its products.

As toy trends are constantly evolving and traditional education products are flooding the market but lack the creativity and inventiveness to keep children engaged, Cheeselion has developed its own Learn from Play™ series with games and products for learning and sharing with family. The company’s professional product development team continuously creates trendy, interesting and meaningful products to inspire children and contribute to their happy and healthy childhoods.


公司地址 Office Address

總公司 Head Office:
Room 02, 2/F, Kowloon Bay Industrial Centre, 15 Wang Hoi Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

DIP 辦公室:
S02, Co-working Space, 6/F, Clothing Industrial Training Authority,
63 Tai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong


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